1) Can I just register for your newsletter?
2) What is the difference between registration and membership?

Registration gives you access to your donations & tithes. The membership gives you access to the materials. A member is automatically registered.

3) How much does it cost to become a member?

It is free to join, but you can also decide to become a paid member.

4) How can I renew my membership?

You can renew your membership online at any time from your membership page (and extend your membership for a year).

5) Why should I become a member?

Joining our Ministry means and shows that you are giving us your support, as well as sharing the same value as we: that the red letters (the words of Jesus) are a key stone in the Bible. After all: we are part of the same Church. You also get some benefits (see the next question).

6) What benefits do I get by becoming a member?

You get:

  • easy access & checkout to our materials for members only
  • the history of your past donations or tithes
7) I am now a member but I cannot see my donations/tithes prior to September 2019, why?

We probably did not have your email address matching your (new) online account. Please contact us about this (you can use the form on this page, thank you).

Do you have a Question?

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