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Thank you for considering donating or paying tithes.


Jesus said, “Freely you have received, freely give…”
We obey this way: No plates, No baskets, No begging, No sales, No guilt!
And, Jesus made this part clear: “But when you give, let not your left hand know what your right hand does: That your gift may be in secret: and your Father which sees in secret …will reward you.”

1) What is the first, second and third tithe?

Biblically, there is actually a three-fold tithe. The first tithe is for the ministry. The second tithe is primarily for the Feasts. The third tithe is given every three years, and is set aside for those in need – widows, orphans and Levites non- working Ministers). See below for more information about each kind of tithe.

2) What About Tax Deductions?

Tax deductions should have little to do with gifts to the Lord YHVH. All contributions to this ministry should be considered as gifts, tithes and offerings to our God, YHVH. They will be considered and handled as such by this ministry.
TRI Communications, Inc. (a/k/a Think Red Ink Ministries) is a New Mexico non-profit corporation. Although there are provisions in the tax code for ministries/churches such as ours, you should consult with your personal tax advisor. Offerings or third tithes given to Don C. Harris, for use in this ministry is a gift and shall be disbursed as such.

On Tithes

A) What are first tithes?

They consist of ten percent of my personal increase contributed towards the work of  the ministry. The fiscal spending of money for the ministry all comes from “First Tithes” sent to this ministry. When devoid of the waste and frivolity of modern religion and expectations of modern clergy, it will be found to be more than enough to preach the gospel around the world.

B) What are the second tithes/sojourners?

They consist of ten percent of my personal increase is set aside for the expenses of the Feasts.  This includes travel, food costs, etc.  The material needs of the Feasts such as tents, tables, facility costs, etc. all come from the “Second Tithe”.  When this ordinance is followed, there is never an excuse that the Feasts cannot be kept or attended.
Our Heavenly Father made provision for us to have “two weeks” vacation in the Fall and Spring week-long feasts. Some people who attend buy all they need for the Feasts and then give the remainder for facilities or travel expense for others. The abundance of food is given to the poor in the community.

C) What are the third tithes?

The (Levite, Needy) is set aside as a personal account to make sure we have plenty to give to those in need. This tithe amounts to only 3.3% of annual increase.
The Levite is mentioned along with the widows and orphans, because they had no inheritance and owned nothing. They had no land, no possessions and made their “living” by the kindness and obedience of YHVH’s people. The Levite, whose life was given to service, owned nothing; yet he had needs like everyone else. This is why we read in Deuteronomy 12:19 “Take heed to thyself that thou forsake not the Levite as long as thou livest upon the earth.”
I never thought the third tithe was enough to alleviate the needs of the poor. However, if everyone does it, it may be more than is needed for the widows (indeed), the fatherless and the Levite.

D) What are the general offering?

They are to be used where needed by the Ministry.

My commitment is to not spend the tithe (neither ours nor the tithe given to the ministry) for personal items. No one takes and will never take a salary from the tithe. The needs of the Levite are to come from the third tithe — not the first. Please designate your gifts accordingly (First, Second, or Third Tithe) or General Offering.

Don C. Harris

No goods or services, except for intangible religious benefits, which have no monetary value for taxation purposes, were provided or received in exchange for this gift.